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Thornton Park Welcomes Sonoma and Prickly Pear

Written by: Jake Johnson

With the demise of The Beacon and Fifi's restaurant on Eola Drive, which resided with Graze on the 1st floor of The Sanctuary Condos building served its last meal Valentine's Weekend 2009. It then reopened 2 weeks later as The Sanctuary Diner. Of course, that followed suit and also went out of business. We now have a new string of restaurants and bars that include The Prickly Pear, Sonoma Draught House, and an Italian Restaurant when Fif'i's and Sanctuary Diner once sat. These 3, after more than a year in business, look to have some staying power, and are still doing excellent business. The food is good, the drinks are better, and the location is best! The success of this idea remains to be seen. Stay tuned for updates.




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