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Top 10 things to know about Orlando Condo Living!

Written by: Jake Johnson

Location, Location, Location:

If you are looking to purchase a condo in the heart of Downtown Orlando, you may want to consider the location of the condo from your place of work.  Perhaps you want a condo in which you could walk or bike to work each day.  Public Transportation is available in Downtown Orlando and may be another factor to help you select the condo that is best for you.  If you are looking to be close to a grocery store, Publix is located directly on Central Boulevard and condos are close by for ease and convenience. 


While price is definitely a major factor in purchasing homes or condos, condos range in price.  Upgrades, amenities, floor level, and location affect the price. 


Remember that within a condo, you own the space within your walls, floors and ceiling space with common interest shared by all owners within the common areas which means you will want to consider the owners in the building and choose something that fits your needs and interest levels.

Homeowner’s Association Fee:

All owners pay a monthly HOA (Homeowner’s Association) fee.  This fee covers trash removal, maintenance of the interior and exterior of the condo building, activities within the Resident Center*, and more.  Be sure to ask your Realtor what the fees are since they vary from other condo buildings.  Typically the association fee is calculated by the amount of square footage in the condo.  *if applicable

Many condominiums Downtown have unique resident centers featuring a home movie theater, game tables, outdoor pool, fitness center, catering kitchen for private functions hosted in the center as well as meeting rooms.  Be sure to check out everything the Condo Building has to offer when your tour the building with your Real Estate Agent!

Association rules:
Do you own a pet?  Worried about parking?  The homeowners association for each condo building sets the rules for the building. Before you purchase, make sure to review the rules to ensure this is ideal for you.

Size does matter when it comes to condos!  You will want to make sure you purchase a condo that is the size that fits your lifestyle.  Remember, you cannot expand a condo like you can a home, so make sure it is the right size.

Many condos in the Downtown Orlando area have storage available either within the condo building or perhaps located in the parking garage.  Some storage units are available for an extra fee; however, you will want to check out if there is ample storage space within the condo just in case storage outside of your condo is unavailable.

Is the condo building well groomed?  Definitely consider when walking the exterior of the condo building how well the maintenance of the foliage, grass, and landscaping of the building is because it will give you a hint as to how the building takes care of the interior condo building as well.  Remember, your association fees will be paying for the maintenance of the entire building, so before you buy make sure that things are well taken care of.  QUICK TIP:  Also be sure to check out and walk the resident center, pool and fitness center.  Is everything in working condition? 

Interior location:
View of Lake Eola or Church Street and the new Orlando Magic Arena?  Some people feel that the view is as important as the condo space itself.  If you are like me, I’d prefer a condo overlooking Lake Eola especially during the Fourth of July fireworks spectacular.  Some prefer a more exciting view of Church Street with the lights and entertainment.  Be sure to pick a condo with the view for you.  Besides the view, remember that corner units may be quieter than the others in the building, higher levels tend to have a better view, and if there is not an elevator in your building, you may want to choose the first or ground floor!


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