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Stay on Track with Your Home Purchase Plans.

Written by: Jake Johnson

Here are a few helpful tips to get you back in gear and finish those plans of purchasing your new home.  Remember, a home purchase isn’t completed until you go to closing!


  • Tell the truth. Be upfront with your Realtor and your mortgage lender.  You need to ensure that your Realtor has all of your criteria in what you want in a home. It helps them find your perfect home.  It’s important to be honest with your Lender and when completing the application. It is very pertinent to know the numbers and your realistic expenses with buying a new home.



  • Think before opening up another store credit card.  Did you know lenders check and re-check buyers’ credit scores right before closing?  Make sure you wait to make those large purchases until after closing.


  • Think you can find a new job while finding a new home?  This can be tricky! Hold on to that job! Not having a job hurts when you are trying to get a lender to fund your loan.  Wait to change jobs after closing!


  • The early bird catches the worm.  Funny saying, but even true in real estate.  Don’t wait for sellers to decrease prices on good deals.  Talk with your Realtor about the options you have as a buyer in negotiating.  It’s our job as Realtors to do the negotiating for you so that you feel comfortable and don’t lose out on your dream home at a good price.  Currently Orlando is at a 5% low in inventory homes, so properties are selling fast!  Also, make sure to take care of inspections, secure financing, and deposit funds accordingly. Don’t delay and get this take care of before closing or the deadlines.




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