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Single Family Home or a Condo in Orlando? Take the quiz to find out what best fits your lifestyle.

Written by: Jake Johnson

Ok, so you are ready to move out of that apartment and find a home to call your own.  Before you search endlessly for your perfect home, decide first if a single family home is for you or if perhaps you would be happier with condo-living.  Take this quiz and find out what best suits you.


1.How would you spend your free time on the weekends?

a.     Walking, running, tennis, basketball, working out at the gym.

b.     Gardening.  I want to plant fresh produce, herbs and fruit trees.


2.What describes your ideal neighborhood?

a.     Consistent and well-maintained.

b.     Interesting and different.


3.You are at a store trying on a new suit for work.  You can either wait in line to try it on in a private dressing area or go straight to the community dressing area?

a.     Try the suit on in the community area.  You would like feedback from others.

b.     Wait for the private room to open up and try your suit on there.


4.Do you have kids?

a.     No.

b.     Yes.


5.When staying at a hotel, you find this most annoying.

a.     The pool closes too early and you love the amenities the hotel has.

b.     Hearing the loud neighbors next to you.


6.Will your residence of your new home be

a.     Part time or a vacation home.

b.     Full time residence.


7.What color would you want your front door to be?

a.     Whatever matches the neighbors.

b.     Bold color door will make a statement. 


8.What type of party best describes your style?

a.     Intimate dinner party.

b.     Backyard BBQ.


9.You need curb appeal.  What do you do?

a.     Call the lawn service and have them take care of it.

b.     Get out the lawn mower and your gardening gloves and start landscaping.


If you selected all or mostly A’s, you will most likely enjoy condo-living.  Condos have great amenities; such as a community pool, fitness facility and amenities for the whole family.  Downtown Orlando Condos Available for Sale.

If you selected all or mostly B’s, you will most likely enjoy living in a single family home.  Check out these houses near Downtown Orlando.





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